Brothers in Arms 3: Sons of War


Produced by Gameloft, 2014.

"A music that brings out the best of every moment"
- Kick My Geek

"The music is pretty good, leading to a polished overall presentation."
- God is A Geek

Main Title*:
Timer Mission 1**:
Ambient Clips**:
Timer Mission 2**:

* Prague FILMharmonic Orchestra
** Trumpet: Frederic Demers


Dungeon Hunter 4

Produced by Gameloft, 2013.

Nominated for best original music at the Canadian Video Game Award.

"Dungeon Hunter 4 is one of the, if not the, best looking and sounding games in their library. This extends beyond the movies, too. In-game graphics are colorful and varied, while the music and even the voice acting can be a pleasure to listen to. [...] Sound rating: 4.5 stars"
- 148 Apps

"The excellent graphics, dramatic music and high-quality voice acting provide the potential for a hugely immersive experience that rivals computer and console games."
- Inside Social Games

Opening Title:
Demon Boss Fight:
Battlegrounds Ambience*:
Opening Cinematic:
Clockwork Dungeon Ambience*:
Arena Battle:
Devasted Village Ambience*1:
Player vs Player:
Ancient Ruins Ambience*:
Final Boss Fight:
Final Cinematic:

* Semi generative ambient music render
1 Guitar: Rodrigo Rubilar


The Amazing Spider-Man


Produced by Gameloft, 2012.

"As mind blowing as the graphics are, the soundtracks used in this game is no exception. The Amazing Spider-Man packs quite a bit of audio content that just ensures that players gains the best experience possible for their mobile device. Even without the help of your earbuds, the speakers on your device will still give you one of the best tunes from your favorite Spider-Man game and make your action-packed experience even better!"
- Apprina

"There are amazing tunes and voice actors in this app game that will just immerse you into the world of Spider-Man. The music is definitely fitting and each sound effect is carefully selected to give you the best experience possible."
- GameTeep

"The audio is great with good music and bustling city sounds."
- Unleash The Fanboy

Opening Cinematic:
Sky Combat:
Searching for the Enemy:
Upper Class District:
Looking for Answers:

Lezard Man Has a Plan:
Rooftop Fight:
Until Next Time:

* Music in this video also include excerpts by the composer Pascal Dion.



Dungeon Hunter 3


Produced by Gameloft, 2011.

"The music is powerful and effective."
- Game Zebo

"Sound effects and music are great. Everything just blends together."
- App-Score

Main Theme:
Combat in the Woods:
Become a Hero:
Mountain Exploration:
The Coliseum:
The Vortex Castle:
Main Theme (Variation 1):
Main Theme (Variation 2):




Dungeon Hunter: Alliance


Produced by Gameloft, 2011.

"The dark ambient music sets the games tone perfectly."
- Movemodo

"The soundtrack is great!"
- Touch My Apps

"The background music is suitably fantastical and dramatic."
- App Modo

Opening Title*:
Peaceful Cathedral:
Epic Death Cutscene:
The Story Begins:
Mad Priest*:
Into the Well:
Plenko's Castle:
Memory of a Hero*:
The Dark Queen*:
Combat with Plenko:
Combat in the Dungeons:
Defeated Queen Cutscene:
Enchanted Forest:
Healing Faeries*:
Until the Next Quest:
Giant Spiders*:
The Balrog:

* Also available on Dungeon Hunter 1



Order & Chaos Online


Produced by Gameloft, 2011.

"The game music and sounds are fantastic. [...] The music is as epic as you can get on iOS."
- App Critic

"The music is technically a high quality."
- Digitally Downloaded

City of Orcs:
Tanned Land:
Epic Hero:
Desert Landscape:
Oriental Combat:




Produced by Gameloft, 2011.

"The music is a particular standout, [...] it supports the look and feel with both emotion and atmosphere, giving the gaming a close to filmic quality."
- Touch Gen

"Music that all make the experience feel much higher-budget than its actual price would suggest."
- Calm Down Tom

"The composers who wrote the music in this game are VERY talented. Everything sounds is great, from the sword sounds to the menu song."
- Pocket Full of Apps

Eagle Over Iceland:
Combat on an Unstable Ship:
Sailing Through the Dark Night:
Temple Ambient Clips:
Forest Ambient Clips:
Fist Fight:




Dungeon Hunter 2


Produced by Gameloft, 2010.

"The musical score is strong with an orchestral style."
- Touchgen

"The sound design has an extensive library ensuring that no sound effect or music track becomes repetitious, and the music sets the mood for every setting and battle effectively. [...] Overall the soundtrack is memorable and appropriately epic."
- Game Dynamo

Opening Title:
Haunted Cathedral:
Mysterious Forest:
Intense Memories:
The Legend:
Dark Woods Battle:
Underworld combat:
Evil Army:


Shrek Forever After


Produced by Gameloft, 2010.

Dark Swamp:
Chariot Race:
Giant Dragon:
Cartoon Ogre:
Mysterious Castle:


Iron Man 2


Produced by Gameloft, 2010.

Iron Sky:
Under Water:
Siberian Skies:
Artificial Intelligence:
Guitars by Nicola Archambault.


Brothers in Arms 2: Global Front


Produced by Gameloft, 2010.

"Excellent cinematic music"
"From the relentless action that drives this game forward to the triumphant, cinematic music that accompanies it, Brothers in Arms 2: Global Front is an impressively executed gaming experience"

- Slide to Play

"The music in the game is fantastic, as are the sound effects… working together so well at times that you could swear you are watching Saving Private Ryan."
- Touch Gen

Honor and Victory:
Troops at Camp:
Iwo Jima by Night:
Okinawa Under Attack:
Heavy War Boots:



Ghost Mansion Party


Produit par Gameloft, 2009.

"Much like the visuals, the audio presentation in the game is actually well done. There are plenty of spooky musical tracks and haunted sound effects to keep things interesting."
"The various musical tracks [...] is more than adequate for a game of this nature."
- Nintendo Life

Spooky Opening:
Ghost Waltz:
Skeleton Chase:
Shoot the Floating Bubbles:
Exploring the Mansion:
Playful Ghost:
Ambient & Haunted:
Happy End:



Tank Battles


Produit par Gameloft, 2009.

Opening Title:
Base Under Attack:
Troops in the Snow:
Military Troop:
Enter the City:



Legend of Exidia

Produced by Gameloft, 2010.

"Suitably legendary-sounding music"
- Nintendo Life



Castle Frenzy


Produced by Gameloft, 2009.

"With its neat 3D graphics and smart audio, Castle Frenzy is a great example of a simple, fun and funny castle defence game"
- Pocket Gamer

Main Title:
Approaching Enemies:



Siberian Strike

Produced by Gameloft, 2009.

"5 stars for Sound. [...] The visual/audio experience of Siberian Strike is fairly impressive all around. [...] The sound track is very good, and brings a very classic war movie feel to the game."
- Games Network

"Excellent soundtrack -- great bombastic tunes for the post-war setting."
- IGN Entertainment

Winner of a Gold Award.
- Pocket Gamer

Following the Railroad:
Troubled Skies:
The Dark Hero:





All the tracks included in this page are copyright Gameloft